All about Manitoba

Are you planning a trip to Manitoba in Canada? You should be. Manitoba is going to deliver the amazing experiences you may expect from the very heart of Canada.

Manitoba is a province in Canada, and among the Prairie Provinces. It lies midway the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This province is bounded to the south by US states of North Dakota and Minnesota, to the north by Nunavut territory, to the west by Saskatchewan, and to northeast by Hudson Bay. it boasts of more than 100,000 lakes (quite amazing!), that include Lake Winnipeg-among the largest inland freshwater lakes.

Therefore, when you are unsure of what you need to do, you can pick out one of these incredible Manitoba attraction and everything is going to fall into place.


1. Churchill and Hudson Bay

Churchill is a town in the far-northern Manitoba. It goes by the name “polar bear capital of the world”. As this name suggests, you can brace yourself to seeing Churchill’s most popular tourist attraction. Love to see polar bears? Well,this is among the few towns in the whole world that’s visited regularly by wild polar bears. These creatures gather on the shores of Hudson Bay, waiting for the pack of ice to form every October and November. And in June, July, and August, the main attraction you’re going to marvel at are beluga whales migrating to Hudson Bay. For the more intrepid whale watchers, snorkeling and kayaking trips are also available in the bargain!

2. Riding Mountain National Park

And while visiting Manitoba Province, why not take a trip to this park? The idyllic park, accessible throughout the year, a rich combination of nature reserve and recreation area, with vast and varied landscape of forest, prairie, and amazingly clear streams and lakes. It extends over part of glacially-formed Manitoba Escarpment, whereby a series of plateaus that rise to heights of around 340 meters overlook the adjacent prairies, meadows, gentle hills, and lakes. You can go and see the cold deep lakes of the Riding Mountain like Lake Catherine, Deep Lake, and Clear Lake. A herd of buffalo freely roams near Lake Audy. Wolves, bears, deer, and elk can also be observed at their natural habitat here.

3. The Forks

Found at the junction of Assiniboine and the Red Rivers close to Winnipeg’s downtown core, The Forks is the place you want to be in summer. It’s equally fun place during winter. You can visit here and see its restored historical buildings which house now a lovely market with distinctive restaurants, shops and casual food stalls. A number of restaurants feature outdoor patios that overlook walkways and the river. You’re also going to find here Manitoba’s Children Museum so that your kids may also enjoy in the fun and experience their own kids’ way.


4. Fun Mountain

This is a precise place when you want to have an incredible and unforgettable fun-family getaway, or simply you just want to splash your hours away. You can take some break from sliding, and try its tropical themed 18-hole Mini Golf Course. Take also a friend and enjoy its Bumper Boat ride on Fun Mountain’s man-made lake. Surely, you cannot forget such unique experiences, can you?

5. Thunder Rapid Fun Park

While still on the fun, this is also a great location for family outings, fundraising events, youth group, staff appreciation, wedding parties, name it. It’s a place you’re going to feel great visiting with a friend.

Manitoba packs everything you want to see and experience, and the above are just the tip of the iceberg. The place is an eclectic collection of cities with distinct flare plus history, and parks, not to mention geographical landscapes which all satisfy the expectations for the adventurists, artists, and the children at heart

6. Assiniboine Park

Winnipeg’s Central Park, Asenibuen Park features gardens, a sculpture garden, trails in wooded areas and a zoo. Suitable for spending a few hours on a warm and pleasant sunny day. More details on the park site.

7. Fort Wyte

Despite the name, this is not a military site. This place is called Fort White, because nearly a hundred and fifty years ago the employees of the West Canada Railway Company barricaded themselves here in an attempt to block the establishment of a rival company in the area. White has been the vice president of the company and the man in charge of the conflict, so the residents have called Fort White, and since then many of the water has flowed through the Winnipeg River and many trains have passed through it. You can take a stroll through the nature reserve, watch their herd of bison and enjoy a variety of activities at the visitors’ center.

8. Fort Gibraltar

Reconstruction of a settlement village in historic Manitoba. In the summer there is a “living museum” with actors in the costumes of the period who explain and teach about the history of Manitoba. It is recommended to visit, but pay attention to the days and opening hours because not every day is open here. The details can be found here.

9. Manitoba Museum

A museum that combines views on the history of Manitoba, with an emphasis on history of nature, along with a science gallery. Recommended for children and teenagers, and for a cold or rainy day that you must transfer to Winnipeg. The museum site is here.

10. Canadian Museum of Human Rights

A large museum dealing with various aspects of human rights, including women’s rights, people with disabilities, refugees and oppressed minorities around the world. The museum opened in 2014 and the building is unique and surprising, becoming one of the city’s symbols.

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